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    does anyone know where to get an in-ear headset for a treo 650?
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    Check out the review on the home page: here.
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    I recently bought the HBH-iv835 referenced in the review, in fact, from Treocentral's store. (Great service, by the way)

    Unfortunately the unit is completely useless with my Cingular Treo 650. Past 20 centimeters there is so much static that the unit is utterly nonfunctional.

    It appears the problem is not the earpiece, it's the phone. The earpiece works perfectly with my Motorola Razr, in fact I get a clear signal in the next room over from the phone.

    But the performance with my specific Treo 650 is completely unacceptable, literally less than one foot of range. I suppose I could use it is the Treo were perched on the shoulder on the same side as the earpiece, but no exaggeration, it wouldn't work with the phone in a shirt pocket much less clipped to my belt.

    First thing I have been displeased with involving this phone (for some reason my bluetooth hotsync to my laptop works flawlessly even across the room, so why not an earpiece ?).
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    If you can deal with a wired headset, check out offerings from Shure (
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    something I can listen to music with.. so needing some wires I guess.
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    I purchased the iv835 & was very disappointed. the range was much worse than my HBH-662 & anyplace other than a completely quiet place like inside with no noise, It may be more of a 650 BT issue, but still a major disappointment. All I got were complaints that I was breaking up & not a single word came through completely to the other end. I have heard a few good things about the new palm ultralight so I am about to try that one.

    I called sony ericsson & they said they didn't think the headset was not 100% compatible with the 650. Too bad, since I really liked how sleek it looked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slevin
    something I can listen to music with.. so needing some wires I guess.
    Any of these would work well ( And no, I neither work for, or am affiliated with, Shure - just a long time satisfied customer.
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    Totally agree, I have worn Shure E4C's for 10 transpacific and transatlantic flights this year and they are great- total isolation, far superior to "noise cancelling" devices like Bose, and comfortable for hours on end with optional foam eartips.

    The I4c's referenced are basically the same, with an in-line mic.

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