Good Technology GoodLink provides a consistent user interface across multiple devices, and if you must support Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange, the interface to the mail client on the handheld is essentially the same. This commonality could offer an advantage for organizations migrating from one e-mail system to the other. Although the mail client is similar, Good Technology includes Notes-specific terminology and features in the Lotus Domino version of the client mail software. Good Technology offers a mail client that isn't just another Outlook interface, but includes important distinctions and features you expect from a mail client based on Notes. GoodLink provides serious infrastructure, which will make your security and IT operations departments happy. It includes end-to-end encryption, guaranteed receipt, and other enterprise features that make supporting hundreds or thousands of devices consistent and reliable. One of the benefits of a consistent user interface is that as users change devices (and you know this happens), they don't need retraining on a new mail interface: Everything on the device works the same. GoodLink is optimal in an organization concerned about security, support, and consistency of the user interface where centralized IT support is driving the solution.