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    I did a search, close but didnt find the same issue.

    Every morning I launch Versamail, it freezes for 5-10 minutes. I do resets, touch all of the buttons, touch the screen, no luck. Nothing else on the phone is locked up at all. Is it that versamail is hosed or is this a common issue?
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    I just installed Snapperhead Mail. Hopefully that will not lock up tomorrow A.M. I will post a reply.
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    Versamail = locked (5 mins and counting)

    Snappermail = working.

    I guess I have a problem with may Palm OS.
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    If you search around you will find that everybody has complaints about versamail. It has never been a good stable email app. Most everybody uses either snappermail or chattermail. Im using snappermail and Im happy with it.
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