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    What am I missing. I have read horrible things about Versamail on the boards. I just got a 700p did the active sync to an exchange server with versamail (contacts, calendar and email). So far - I love it. And I am wondering why the reviews have been so negative.... Versamail is easy to use one handed, attachments have not been a problem (I love the ability of the 700p to read native/scanned PDFs).

    So what am I missing? There is one thing that might influence my opinion: I don't want push - I only want messages when I sync them.
    But if that is the only knock - that's not bad....

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    I agree. I use it extensively with my office's MS Exchange Server. I find it works very well. I'd be even more pleased if they added task sync in the next update.
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    I concur... Upgraded to 3.5 for contacts. This was the only feature I was looking at upgrading to the 700P for. Task sync is the only thing (IMHO) that is missing to give it 98% of the functionality of WM5 and/or BB if you don't need instant push.

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