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    New problem: I search for a location that returns the message "no results were found". When I press the center nav button to exit this message, DA starts to request the page again rather than returning to the main screen. This causes a long wait until a series of error messages, and/or a reset occurs. Sometimes the Treo turns off before the reset occurs, and locks up. This requires a manual restart from the back.

    DA appears to be corrupted after this happens. I re-install and everything works fine - until the "no results found" occurs again. Note: although I have been able to repeat this "bug" many times - sometimes it works correctly - i.e. clicking to exit the "no results found" screen brings me back to the main screen.

    Rick - can you duplicate this?

    Psion Organiser II > Apple Newton > Palm III > Palm V > Tungsten T > Tungsten T3 > Treo 650
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    I've had that happen as well on an unlocked GSM Treo 600.

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