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    Has anyone bought this for their 650, and now have a 700P, and tried on the 700P? It does say "for 650", but I was curious if it does work.

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    I am not sure why anyone would actually want one. The sled kind of reminds me of the contraption that Captain Pike was strapped into on Star Trek...
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    No it will not work. Also, I emailed Enfora and asked them if they plan to release one for the 700P and their response was NO.
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    What a bunch of Crapola - NO?
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    I can only imagine that one of the shortcomings of this accessory was that - even with the internal power supply - the battery life was attrocious. I find myself reiterating that throughout the strings on WiFi in these forums: WiFi access on your phone might SEEM like a good idea, but it is a hellacious drain on your battery. If you think that talk time on your Treo is limited, if you could use Skype to make calls through a WiFi enabled Treo they would last minutes and your phone would then be DEAD. WiFi is a power hog, which is one of the reasons that Bluetooth was developed way back when - it is much less demanding on battery power...

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