Hi there fellow Treo-lovers! I have my laptop configured to sync with my Treo using Outlook , I have installed the conduits that came in the original Treo 700p CD (Palm conduits). Here are my inquiries:

- I have noticed every time I generate an appointment item in outlook, when I synchronize the item in my Treo calendar, the appointment appears with a note icon next to it. I click the note and it's empty, but when I close it the icon disapears since of course it was empty. Is this something typical for this setup (Outlook-hotsync with Palm conduits) of maybe do I have a bug to be concerned about?

- Is there any other 3rd party conduit that works better with Outlook? Even one that can help me syncronize my Treo between 2 computers (home and office)?

Thanks all who respond

waldo15 out