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    Very weird...The other morning my keyboard backlight started flickering, on off on off pretty erraticly (sp?)

    I hadn't chaged anything for about a week, including not even hotsyncing.

    I did a soft reset and it has been fine since... I can't imagine why this would happen related to software, and not be a hardware issue, but it immediately corrected itself after the reset...

    Anyone else?
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    I've noticed two things about my 700 and the keyboard light:

    1) It flickers all the time when in use, but it's a >50Hz flicker. Unfortunately for me, my eyes pick it up as a strobe. ( I can't do <75Hz on CRT's either, drives me batty).

    2) Several times now it's gone into a on/off cycle (the keyboard lights only) where it cycles every 2sec(?) or so. No idea why, but it's only happened twice so far.
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    The second on/off cycle was what I was referring to. Just the keyboard, screen was fine, and now that I think about it, I was using the web browser when it happenned.
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    i've only seen my keyboard flicker once.

    never happened again. maybe you should get that checked out if it's happening frequently.
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    Happens to me all the time.. I thought it was alerting me to alerts at one point..
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    nope, its definitely not fixed with the reset. Its totally defective. I hate palm right now! the QC is the worst I've seen in a long time. I have temporarily fixed the problem by applying a pad on the inside of the battery cover to apply pressure on the back. I figured this out, because when flickering, if I apply pressure to the back of the phone the keyboard lights up properly. Hopefully this will solve it and there won't be future problems. I am happy otherwise with it, but am tired of palm's return procedure. It has been such a hassle for me, with delays, wrong prices/overcharges, missing credits, wrong information, etc... (this is #2, trying to avoid #3)

    Maybe a store tech can open it up and fix it... but otherwise it has been functioning fine with the pad method, for now...

    Is it too much to ask for a non defective treo?

    I wish I bought it at a verizon store, but they weren't offering the trade in for my 650, so I made the mistake of ordering online. Won't ever do that again.
    Anyway, hopefully this will be the end of it.
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    The keyboard brightness is controlled by "Pulse Width Modulation". It's the ratio of "on time" versus "off time". Brighter = more on time, less off time. Dimmer = less on time, more off time. It's controlled by the CPU, and when the CPU get busy there's not enough processing bandwidth left to run the pulse width modulation. Hence, you get flickering, and there's nothing physically wrong with the hardware.

    The problem that user "noodle" has sounds like a completely different actual hardware issue.
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    I have been having this issue, but only once a day and I suspect I know the culprit, at least in my case.

    It's one or another of the following programs, or a combination or two or more of them:

    • Profiles
    • 4cast
    • Resco Backup

    The reason I say this is that I only have the flicker after midnight. At 22:45 I have Resco Backup run and make a full backup onto my SD card. Then at 22:55 I have Profiles scheduled to trigger into a "Bedtime" setting (which kills all sounds and dims everything). At about 00:01 (12:01 a.m.), my keyboard, keyboard only, turns on and immediately off. About every 30 seconds or so it repeats until I reach over and press the red power button turning the whole unit on, and then press the red power button again, turning it off.

    Something in my setup there is most likely causing my problem. I don't know if any of the other posters hereon use any one of these programs or not. Their issues and mine could be completely unrelated.

    Edit: I have decided that the culprit must be Profiles as I have been using Resco Backup for years. I changed the settings in Profiles to trigger the "Bedtime" settings at 23:00 and then for Resco to do its thing at 22:30. I'll see if that makes a difference tonight.
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    I also have the keyboard light flicker problem. I've noticed it happening most often during PowerVision resets, radio turns back on, PV starts up in attempt to reconnect Chatter, etc. I just clicked Google News in my Favorites and watched the keypad flicker several times as the page loaded. Odd.

    And speaking of phone radio will randomly shut down with no pattern at all about twice per day. The phone won't reset, the radio just shuts down. Luckily, I have Chatter setup to turn on the radio automatically just in case there is a disconnect or temporary roaming or whatever but I can't seem to figure it out.

    If I have to do another hard reset, this thing is going to become a chew toy for my Labrador.
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