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    My Vmail is set up to autosync every 1/2 hour and has worked fine for a long time up until a couple weeks ago. I have it set to only get mail from the last 3 days but now it gets a few messages at a time and it's all from about a month ago. I've checked all the time and date settings everywhere I can think of and even enabled network time. Any ideas???
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    nobody has any ideas
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    versamail and gmail just don't play well. I have just learned to accept it. I sometimes get "getting 15 new messages..." but there are only 1 or 2 new messages. Not sure if gmail will work any better with any other apps. Hope you find a solution.
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    i got mine to work. when u set up the ports.

    the first port is 995 and check that SSL is secured.

    and second port is 465 and check BOTH secure SSL and ESMTP

    try now.

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