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    Anyone know if there's any coupons for LightWav? Cheapest I've seen it is $24.95. Thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by mfjazz
    I have noticed occasional phone resetting issues, but hadn't yet traced them to Ringo Pro. Maybe I'll try deleting it for a while and seeing if that eliminates the problem.
    you have the 700p also? well, good luck man. hope you find the problem
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    didnt I read someone say somewhere that if I moved RingoPro to my external card from my internal memory, it would fix the reset problem I was having before? Before, when I wold receive calls when running Ringo, my phone would reset. but I thought I read somewhere about moving it to my card with Filez...

    im ready to do it..just wanna make sure that is correct.
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    Quote Originally Posted by swstranger
    I've been using Option #2 from Couldn't be easier.
    for some reason i skipped over this message. it worked perfect. thanks a lot.
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    Deleting Ringpro does not fix the problem you have to hardreset the unit. Mine use to reset whenever I received an sms.
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