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    I'm hearing-impaired and Volumecare is a vital app for me. The battery came out of my phone when it fell off a table and now VC insists it's unregistered. But, I registered it back on Nov 7, 2005.

    So I download 5.46 and install it. It promptly says it's unregstered and that I need to pay. So I get my license key out and go to enter it -- and the menu item the registration email describes doesn't exist! I find the "enter manual registration" menu item and there is nowhere to enter it -- it simply reads "Trial".

    Checking the "enable" checkbox just brings up the nag screen, and hitting OK to get out of it (the only thing that does anything I don't already know) returns to the main menu -- with the checkbox turned back off!

    The support site says to download from the link included with the registration email. Yet, there is no such link, only a link back to the palmgear main page. The app isn't showing in the list of apps I've purchased, either.

    I can't hear the phone well at all without the app due to my hearing impairment. Support won't get back to me, apparently, for over a day. (Not acceptable to me for something this vital!).

    I need to get the app from someone, apparently. Help!

    I also can't believe that an app that is this vital can lock the user out with no way to fix the problem. Would you lock an elevator that you knew wheelchair users needed, and demand payment but provide no way to put the payment into the slot?
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    If you ask this question in the GoTreo forum on MyTreo then Geoff the author will help you direct. simple really,14.0.html
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    Whoops -- well, I already emailed him too with a description of my problem. If I don't hear from him by email soon I'll post there. Thanks!
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    Support won't get back to me, apparently, for over a day. (Not acceptable to me for something this vital!).
    But 24 hours later is a pretty good level of support for something so cheap.

    If it's that vital for you, why didn't you have it backed up?
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