My beloved 2 year-old Treo 600 suddenly started very strange behavior. The tap screen worked fine but it wouldn't respond to keystrokes for any of the keys or buttons, even the power button! The keys would work after a soft reset until it was turned off. Once it was turned again the keys would not work until I did a soft reset.

I struggled to get it to synchronize before attempting a hard reset. It kept losing the connection. Finally I got everything synchronized and did a hard reset. And it made no difference - same behavior.

Near tears, I started to write this post hoping someone could save my Treo (or give me a good excuse to upgrade!). And now, the happy ending. As I wrote this I picked up my Treo and noticed that the upper volume/ringer volume button was stuck down. I managed to get it unstuck and my Treo is back to functioning perfectly. It is a wonderful world after all...or at least my little part of it......for right now.