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    Chatter is out of control and I can't stop it! I sent a message from Chatter, and it keeps copying the same mesage multiple times into the designated sent mail folder.

    I am up to over 70 copies! It creates several copies each minute. It happens only when the primary mailbox for the account is online on my Treo. (The sent mailbox doesn't have to be online; in fact, I am monitoring all the accumulating copies from my PC.)

    I have tried reloading the mailbox, resetting connections, and shutting down chatter. I have modified the mailboxes from my PC with the offending Chatter mailbox offline. The problem continues. 4 additional copies of the same message in the last minute!

    How do I stop this?
    How do I keep this from happening again?
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    One more thing: the message is NOT sent multiple times, just the first time. It seems that Chatter is stuck in a loop copying this message into SENT over and over again (after having sent it). I do not think it is a "sending" issue.

    I even tried unchecking the "Upload sent messages to" box, and it keeps sending anyway.
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    Never seen or heard of this. Please send a log that demonstrates the problem (instructions in the FAQ at

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    Done. Let me know if you need anything else.

    I just noticed that the status icon goes to "login" again (for this offending primary mailbox) before it makes another copy of the same message in sent mail. It generates multiple copies of this same message a minute, and even with the mailbox offline most of the time for the past several hours since I have had this problem, I have 89 copies of the same sent message in my sent mail folder!

    Looking forward to an answer and solution to this. Needless to say, Chatter is pretty useless at this point for me (can't keep generating 4-5 copies per minute of the same message!)

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