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    I am looking for something for my wife. Preferrably with a web sync portion so she can view it on her desktop.

    This software would let her start a timer on her treo, and have the notes updated for the case she is working on..

    She isn't setup with hotsync, so the ideal application would have a PC component that is accessed through a web browser.

    Any suggestions are welcome.

    Developers, if you are interested in collaborating with me to roll out this service/application, drop me a note.
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    I don't know about the web access part. I use T.E.A.K. for my Treo but not for the office. It has a PC part as well.

    I don't know of a lot of options available. I think this is because the market isn't there. and because standalone billing ain't where it's at for an automated lawyer - integrated packages are where it's at. Time Matters, for instance. You could at a high price get the web enabled version. This program has a Palm conduit built in. Unlike Prolaw which I use.
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    I am a criminal defense attorney and I use Time Matters. We installed it about a month ago. It does not have a timer function on the Palm app. It synchronizes with the standard Palm Apps fairly well. Time Matters is very customizable, which is good thing, but it does require someone to do a pretty good job of planning in advance how to set it up. I am very computer literate and I hired a consultant to set it up for me.
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    russelb, does the companion package 'Billing Matters' have a time entry timer thing in it?
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    If you purchase the 'Pro' version it will automatically overbill your clients for you!

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    First I would check to see if your wife is using any practice management software. If so then its a good bet that some program exists that will allow time sync with primary program.

    Like RusselB said a program called TimeMatters (~$350 standalone I think) has a direct conduit for its billing program to sync's over to Palm but I haven't played much with it to know how. I can direct you to another forum if you want more info on Time Matters.

    If she's only using Outlook and say Quickbooks then you might want to look at a program like PCLaw or TABS3 which have standalone products for sync. But there again I don't know much about whether their palm programs have built in timers etc...Personally if she is this busy it would probably be in her best interests to look into a lawyer specific billing program.

    Finally I think you should get her set up to sync her palm. Thats the benefit of having the Treo/palm because you can take your office with you literally. Like tastypeppers said web based sync is really really expensive to set-up.
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    Another thought is fouse Agendus with their time program that I just got an e-mail from them on Standard Time Timesheet Software. Take a look for the rest of us and report back.
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