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    With Blazer (the browser on the 700p) I can do most anything on myspace but i've found that cannot reply to or send a message. I can type it all out but when I click send, nothing happens.

    Is anyone else having this problem?

    If so, is there anything I can do to solve it? I've tried turning quick mode on but that doesn't do anything.

    Is there another browser I should consider downloading?

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    yep. same here. very frustrating. haven't figured out a workaround. It's like bad java in firefox where you click on links and nothing happens.

    The one thing that annoys me in general with the blazer is that I can't click on links until the page has completed downloading.
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    i found the work around. You have to first have you javascript on and go to the message page and disable the jevascript. Reload the message page and them type your message and it will start sending. PS the treo 700p is light years behind the 700w. I wish sprint would get the 700w!!
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    You can always use Opera Mini. "Myspace" comes already bookmarked with Opera Mini. Works very well.
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    Xino also works with myspace.
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    well I list the way you can do the work around with blazer. As far a opera mini with myspace it will show new messages,friends, and birthday request, when there is really none.opera sucks stay away from that. pages are in sometimes 4 different pages.
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    I had the same problem responding to a friends blog. I just went to my computer after several tries on my Treo. I'll try that tip next time. Thanks.
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    I use opera for myspace. Works fine. Used to show all new alerts, now its fixed with 2.0.

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    i can't log into myspace from my Sprint Treo 700p. when i try, it tells me i need to register. only happens on my treo. any suggestions?
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    optimized mode, not wide page.

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    yea i have a few issues with leaving messages. they wont go thru sometimes. but i dont use myspace much on the phone so it dosnt bother me much

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