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    Hey guys, I'm a new owner of a treo and recently have been reading about the custom rom tools and what you can do with it. I'm about to start the process but justcurious about how certain application can be registered and be put into rom.

    Is this possible? I have volumecare and ringo that I'd like to build into the rom and I already have registration keys for them. Would be nice that I won't ever have to put the keys back in if I hard reset the treo.

    thanks for the help
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    I don't know the answer to this. But... it seems that the natures of custom roms would allow you to test and let us know what happens! I think if you register a program, then save the little file it creates and put that and the program itself in rom you should be fine. Of course, there are some programs that don't work in rom at all, like Backup Buddy.
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    How will I know which program it creates after? is there a Diff tool to compare before and after file list? Sorry, my first PALM ever
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    Register an application, use ZLauncher (trial would work here too) and move the application and all related databases to card using the menu which comes up when you hold down the icon. Then go to /PALM/Programs/ZLauncher/Apps/<App Name> and copy all of the files there to your PC. Then insert those files into the ROM.

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    only .prcs go in the rom. the app is registered in the saved or unsaved prefs file. just put the main app in rom -- NO PDBS
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    Oh, good call, I didn't think of that. He's right, you can't put database files in the ROM.

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    gotcha, so basically, i have to keep the keys around in case of a hard reset. Thanks guys
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    Or you could use a backup tool to backup your data to an SD card, that keeps the registration too.

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    thanks. I just did that. so backup it is
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    reg keys are usually emailed to you, so keep a copy of all the those important emails. otherwise, always backing up with, say, backupbuddy vfs pro, will always save your ****.
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    You CAN put db files in rom, but only if they're read-only, which registration data is not. Read-only db files can go on the SD card, too, though, so there's really no point.

    Backing up is definitely the way to go.
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    yeah, i just tried resco backup, worked like a charm. I guess I would love to never worry about those pesky registration files if I can.

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