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    Okay, I've got my Treo 700p syncing nicely with jpilot under linux with bluetooth. I also LOVE being able to right click on a file in Nautilus and Send To -> BT. Makes installing files really easy.

    The one problem I'm having is that I can't get DUN to work. I can connect the linux box to the treo and even get into wvdial and see the responses to the ATZ, ATM0 and such. The problem is when it dials (ATDT#777) I get a NO CARRIER response and it will redial, but never CONNECT. Anyone have any experience with the modem not ever getting a CONNECT and/or seeing NO CARRIER?

    By the way, if you are using rfcomm to connect to your treo make sure to add '4' to the end to connect to the DUN service. No need to touch the treo to connect to.

    so rfcomm 0 nn:nn:nn:nn:nn:nn 4
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    Great question!!

    I don't have a clue as to the answer, but I love the question! What distro are you using? I am on Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop (general release next week!). I haven't tried DUN yet but I would like to. How about a how to post when you get it figured out. Wish I could help.
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    I'm running FC5 and RHEL4 and I'm going to give it another go tonight and see if I can't get some resolution. I've been using minicom to talk directly to the modem on the Treo (via BT). Man does that bring back some memories of my ol' Courier HST's!

    If/when I get it working, I'll be sure to post a how-to.
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    There's already several out there.. Such as..

    If you already hotsync with Bluetooth, really all you have to do is add another rfcomm channel to rfcomm.conf, set it to bind yes, and add the network as described above and it works.

    Trust me.. I had to set it up yesterday.. Fscking DSL has been out for 28 hours now. It doesn't work great, but it works.. After an hour or so everything stops working and I have to reset the phone to get things moving again, and once disabling DUN the phone locked up, so DUN is a little flakey, but it works.
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    I just got this working on PClinuxOS and wow! Not only is it just as stable as XP, it's much faster. I just did a speed test (using dslreports) and I normally get 300kbs down and 70kbs up with XP, I'm now getting 439kbs down and 130kbs up with PCLOS. It was also really easy once I figured out that I had to use KPPP to do the dial-up after Kbluetooth was installed.

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