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    Golf Handicapper

    HandiTrack is your handheld golf handicap tracker. No longer will you need to log into a web site or wait for the mail to know how a round has affected your handicap. A few quick taps and you'll know right away!

    HandiTrack also tracks statistics such as percentage of fairways hit and greens in regulation percentage. Also track personal records and more great information about YOUR golf game. Extremely easy and quick to use. HandiTrack is indispensable for golfers of all skill levels!
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    Got it, love it. It actually gives you an accurate handicap(within .1 anyway) For some usga reason, most programs only estimate the handicap(Intelligolf). Would really like a few more stats such as # of sand saves, ups and downs, etc. Still a great deal for the price though!
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    For me to use it , it would need one option ..... "send bail money". Every time I golf it seems I am behind one of the "golf by committee" groups who have to alle examine the lay of each others balls, easch conduct an independent analysis of how the ball should be hit and then conduct a secret ballot to decide the outcome. Then after the ball owner hits his ball, a post shot discussion must be held, note staken and only then do they move onto the second ball and repeat the process until all 4 tee shots have been hit once....then repeat.

    Then when they finally get out of my range and I tee off, wind currents, the earth's rotation, the golf gods and planets all align such that I hit my farthest ball of the day which goes whizzing past the committee resulting in shaking fists and me following up by emptying my bag of practice balls.

    I used to take me about 8 or 9 holes of waiting on golf committees before I'd get impatient but I'm getting older and crankier (so my wife and kids say) so I confine myself to playing on "artificial turf". Put Tiger Woods on any hole w/ a windmill in front of it and I will kick his arse !
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    I love the looks on the faces of groups like that when I skip a hole, drive right past them, and proceed to play the wide open holes directly in front of them! Bad etiquette? Maybe. Fun golf? Definitely.
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    I think there should be a time penalty ....for every 5 minutes more than "Par time" ya gotta add a stroke to ya score.

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