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    How many of you set your clock ahead 10 minutes so you get out the door on time....this app is for you

    No more setting your clock ahead ten minutes: FalseAlarm creates a random alarm clock for your Palm Pilot. The random alarm clock functions like a normal alarm clock except the alarm sounds ahead by a random amount of time. For instance, if the alarm is programmed to go off at 7:00am it may actually go off at 6:54am.

    The clock, however, will display 7:00am. Thus, you'll see that it is time to get up even though you may have some extra time to do so. Although you know there is a random offset and that you may have extra time, you don't know how much. Thus, you cannot compensate for the offset by sleeping in for the extra amount of time.
    I never could figuire out that set the clock ahead thing. Seems it would only work if I didn't know that I did it.
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    That's Funny.

    Along time ago, when I had a night job.
    I would hit the snooze so much that the clock would just give up.
    So I had to put the clock across the room, so I would have to get up to turn it off.
    Just call me Berd.

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