my T600 has always been able to access google and google news pages nomally. that is, I was able to view them as they would be seen on a PC. I don't have a computer. so my unit is my lifeline. I had a hardware problem, and got it replaced. was hoping for a 650 but I got another 600 which is fine. google used to have this feature that enabled me to view google search results normally (cached, and many results/page). but its optimizing for my device and with the new unit, I can't seem to view them in any mode except being optimized for my unit, which is a real pain in the ****.

this is a google issue. not palm or sprint. so I emailed them and got this reply:

Thank you for your note. We automatically direct mobile users to a Google
version that we're confident will be compatible with their mobile devices.
In this case, we identified that your mobile device would correctly
display our XHTML interface. If you'd prefer to access our desktop
interface instead of this mobile one, you may be able to do so by visiting Please note that is not compatible with all mobile

Please keep in mind that you should be able to access the HTML version of
the website visited on your mobile device by selecting the "Page adapted
for mobile phone" link located at the bottom of the website visited on
your mobile device.

We appreciate your feedback and support as we work to improve Google

The Google Team

it didn't work. so...any suggestions as to how to get google to view as a "desktop mode" as I used to be able to?