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    My treo was fantastic - it used to reboot every once and a while, and I could tolerate it. I trashed the case and sent it in for warranty replacement, and since I have gotten the new one I've had insane reboot problems.

    To the point where it reboots, on average, 20 times a day.

    I did notice that the new 650 I got has a newer bios rev than my old one.

    Usually these reboots are prompted by user interaction - the camera, media center, and blazer are the main culprits. But I am also starting to have problems with it rebooting in normal applications - SMS center, datebk6, and the dialer.

    I am running a few aftermarket apps - Datebk6.0a-PD, Z launcher 5.10.3, Backup Man 2.1, Volume Care 5.46, Ringo 4.41, PrefDoc 1.10, and butler 3.65.

    It seems to occur failure often when I'm bouncing between apps - for instance, I've rebooted 7 times checking all these version numbers. Usually as soon as I enter or leave the application, it bounces. The more frustrating ones are usually within datebk6 or sms when I'm doing something normal and it just bounces for no cause.

    I'm really frustrated!! Is there any solution other than 'wipe it and start from scratch'? Because that really sucks and eliminates the usefulness of this device almost totally for me!

    Is there a way to backrev to an older version of the bios? I just want my treo to be reliable again....

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    I was in the exact same situation as you.

    The first thing I tried that helped was clearing as much RAM as possible on my 650. I got it back to 8.5M.

    Then I installed Rlock and locked all the applications which I frequently used. That knocked the resets WAY down.

    The last thing I did (yesterday) was install 1.20 ENA....and since then zero resets!
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    Excuse my ignorance, but can you point me in the right direction for ENA? I'm not sure what that is ...
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    Nevermind, I found that OS level. Unfortunately my 650 is a Cingular locked version. I will try Rlock and see what happens...
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    Memory configuration is very important with the 650 series. I noticed you use Preference Doctor, which is good - I have all three settings enabled. I also use Resco Locker. Now, do you use a third party launcher, one that would free up your memory? That is an important step in stability and last, do you check your db cache? There are a couple of programs that let you monitor and clear it as needed; I use MemoryInfo.

    With the above I went from many resets a day down to ZERO resets a day on my Sprint Treo 650.

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    Mine is Cingular locked too....

    Use this ROM from post 2:

    It works awesome.
    1. HTC Touch Dual Neon 300, Stock Rom
    2. AT&T Tilt (Refurb) with DK.8 Rom (collecting dust)
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    Hi....I have a similar reset/reboot problem with my Treo650. The device soft resets, i.e. the data or programs in the memory remain even after reset. I thought it was because I had an old verison of ROM, so I upgraded it to 1.20 ENA, but the problem is still on. After every reset the phone is OFF and when I connect to the network, it remains connected for a very short time (2 sec to 5 min) and resets on its own.

    I have all the default applications Email=VersaMail, Messaging=Messaging, Browser=Web. Memory consumption is bare minimum.

    Please help !
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    Err...the BIOS on these devices are user upgradable?

    As far as the resets, did you run the diagnostic command? ##377 for CDMA devices and #*377 <cr> for GSM devices. People tell me that the return can be replaced by another #, but for some reason that only works on certain commands, this not being one of them.

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    MVT: Did you use the SD method to update your ROM? I'm really hesitant to **** with the ROM as this phone is the communications hub of my life right now, but ... it might be worth it.

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