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    I am now on my 2nd bluetooth keyboard and I am not sure what to do. The first one was the thinkoutside the box keyboard, which was driving me crazy with a connection that would only sometimes work. Now I got a bt keyboard and it just won't connect. I have tried connecting with a secure connection with both of these keyboards and still have been unsuccessful.

    Does anyone know of any tricks to get the keyboard to work? If not are there any bluetooth keyboards that people have actually gotten to work?

    Lastly how well do infrared keyboards work? I am about to just try the official Palm infrared keyboard since my 700p's bluetooth connection just doesn't seem capable. Any information about these issues would be most appreciated.
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    You might try searching first because I think this has been covered before.

    I dont use the BT keyboard (just still a little expensive for me) but I use the universal IR keyboard. There is some times where it will lose the connection and I have to turn the driver off and then turn it on but it works pretty good (plus you can get them for under $50).
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    Ya like I always do, I did a search on the forums for this but didn't see anything. I just sent an email to the people so hopefully they have some insight.

    The tech support at thinkoutsidethebox just told me that their keyboard isnt officially supported but has worked on some 700ps.

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