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    i just got my shiny new Globalsat BT-338
    to go with my spankin new TOMTOM Navigarior 5 maps.
    setup and installation was relatively painless (should have been my first warning)
    so of course i took everything out (treo 650) for a spin,
    got gps very quickly (i live in park slope brooklyn, ny)
    changed prefrences to only walking routes, and turned of chattermail
    just to be safe.
    created a route,
    and started to walk BAM! soft reset and again and again and yet again
    anyone else have this situation?
    thanx in advance
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    Are you running anything in the background like Chatter or VeriChat or anything that might be kicking off a data connection?
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    turned chatter off before i started navigator 5
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    How much free memory do you have?
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    12.6 megs
    i have very few third party apps on my 650

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