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    Has anybody tried WifieTalkie 1.0 by RNS Software on their Treo 700p?

    I've tried the demo version on my two 700p's. Since the 700p doesn't have Wifi, I am using direct connection to the internet of course. The broadcast seems to be lagging by a few seconds in the beginning, and then eventually the lag is shorter. Has anybody who've used this program got better results? I'm wondering if I'm using it correctly. Thanks in advance.
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    No, but I'm interested in hearing more about it... I'm still on a 650.
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    I gave it a try yesterday and it is really cool, but not really worth it. Maybe over Wifi it would work better but using EVDO between my phone and my father's it didn't really work well. I had strong signal on both phones. If it sits for a bit the first time either talk it most likely breaks up. Once past that overall it worked ok, but it would be troublesome to use being as it doesn't work everytime. I guess you could just press the mic down and send dummy noise, let go and then transmit again and maybe it would work. But at least it is a start. It is a very nice idea for phones that don't have the feature built in. So maybe more work will be done on it.
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    how do you make it work??? I install both on my wife and my 700p. then should I click scan then add?? when I click add, there is ip address already there but it's missing last spot ( 150.58.96. ) so I just put zero there but I guess it doesn't work. do you have to know your ip address if you are using your treo???
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    Take your wife's phone. Connect first by going from "Off' towards "Max".

    Once connected, go to "Menu>>Identification".

    There should be a number under IP (i.e., ##.##.###.###).

    Copy this number down.

    On your phone, add her with the number you wrote down under the Recipient's IP address.

    Repeat process with the other phone.

    Hope this helps.
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    What he said! Like I said, it is a start, kinda inconvenient cuz your IP will change a lot and you would have to know what it is each time which means you have to SMS each other or whatever to determine that. So the neat feature is there but the solidity of it is still far off. But very cool stuff.
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    thank you so much. it work now but as you said above, there were some lag in the beginning then it got better. if my phone or my wife phone got disconnect from vision then reconnect the IP is changed so yeah I have to text her to look it up which is not very practical cuz iwhy don't I just call her up ( I have unlimit sprint to sprint) or I could just text her if we want low profile conversation.

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