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    I have a Treo 650 (no problems) and want to change it for one that allows for SIM card (travelling to China). Anyone here in the socal area want to exchange one with me? I'll pay some cash too.
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    You want GSM, not CDMA. You have a CDMA Treo. But one can't just "exchange" the Treos since GSM models won't work with CDMA carriers and vice-versa. Unless someone decides that they want to switch to Sprint.
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    Oops you're right. I got my terminology mixed up. I want the GSM one.
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    which also means you are going to switch carriers too - right.....
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    or the OP will get prepaid sims while in China...

    BTW, make sure the GSM T650 is UNLOCKED... so you can swap SIMS at will...
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