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    I haven't kept up with TreoCentral in a while, but am looking to update my phone. Is the 700p the latest/greatest? I read a while back there would be a Windows version but after looking at the specs of the 700, I see that it's still on PalmOS.

    Is this phone a good investment now? I loved my 600 and 650 because of the keyboard and usability. I tried the crappy O2 Atom for a while and can't stand that POS.

    Also, where can I get a 700 for cheap without subscribing to phone service?
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    700 p sprint
    700w verizon (windows)
    If you just read through the most recent threads you will get your answers.
    the 700p is the greatest
    I got my palm pre on day 1 Treo 755p with sprint
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    Oh darn! I can't use Sprint, because I am going to use it in China. So I'm stuck with the 240x240 resolution then?
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    no, the 700p is on verizon too, i am in the same boat as you, i didnt know which to get, but after reading through the forums i am going with the 700p, from my "close analysis" i have come to believe the 700p is better in overall functionality and availabilty of 3rd party programs. HOLLA
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    Both the 700p and 700w are CDMA phones. So make sure where your going supports CDMA. There is no GSM treo 700 which maybe what you are looking for.
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    A GSM Treo newer than the 650 isn't expected till 3rd quarter.

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