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    Just curious...just got new 700p
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    Depends on what you want to do. YOu want to sync Vids and Photos, or just do basic informational sync?
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    it works extremely well for me & my t600 with mac pb os 10.3 I have used MS since I had a sony clie'. I have had to do multiple hard resets on my t600 recently and MS backs up all my files.
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    yes. worth every penny.
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    I agree !
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    Hell yes!
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    'nother yes!
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    Quote Originally Posted by hall316
    yes. worth every penny.
    couldn't agree more
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    yes worth it!
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    It would be worth it to me if I could get it to work.
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    what about compared to Mal Conduit? That seems like a popular opensource alternative.. I don't know.. I'm still using Palm Desktop, but want to migrate to one or the other, so I can use Avant-Go, etc..

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    Yes yes yes!!!!
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    does anybody use Mal Conduit instead of MissingSync? Just curious
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    Purchased and installed Missing Sync yesterday and couldn't be happier. Finally, calendar and address categories syncing with iCal and Address Book, to say nothing of multiple addresses per contact. Definite yes.
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    Oh hell yes it is worth it!
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    Gets a yes vote from me too.
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    I like how missing sync can backup your SD card as well. If (heaven forbid) I lose my Treo that probably means I lose my SD card that's in it as well, so it's nice to have that backed up.

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