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    Quote Originally Posted by 2000 Man
    The mic isn't active when you're using BT, just as the earpiece isn't active either. Please explain how the inactive mic on a phone that's 10 feet away from you can induce echo on your BT headset. It's laughable.

    The echo is common on smaller headsets like the JX10 and the AX/AX2 because the mic ON THE HEADSET is so close to the speaker. When the speaker is turned up high, some volume escapes the ear canal and is picked up by the mic ON THE HEADSET which is what produces the echo.
    I understand that. Of course there are inherent difficulties having the mic and speakers so close together. But this is nothing new and the manufacturers have worked hard to keep this from happening. If it was a headset problem wouldn't the echo be prevalent on all phones not just the Treo?

    Actually, my thought was that perhaps the Treo was not always shutting off the mic on the phone. Since it is not always transferring sound to the headset, even when the headset icon turns colors and indicates that it is, it seems plausible that the Treo is not always shutting off the mic. My experience of disconnecting the headset and reconnecting it during the same call and having the horrible echo go away seems to support my theory over yours.

    It may not be the issue – I just put a theory out there. I could easily be wrong. However, I don't think the idea is “laughable” at all.
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    The 700p has some BT bugs. Have you been leaving it on "discoverable" all of the time?

    The JX10 produces an echo with other phones as well. It's not a 700p-specific problem. The disconnecting/not transferring audio is.
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    Actually, I think you mean "Visible" and not "discoverable" on the 700p. I do leave it as "visible."

    I had not heard of the JX-10 having echos with other phones. It just seems weird that I can disconnect and then reconnect it and the echo goes away. I didn't change the volume of the speaker or change my operating environment at all. Everything else was unchanged. I was trying to isolate the problem.
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    Yes, "visible." It was "discoverable" on the 650.

    I do know that Jabra has been emailing a beta firmware update for the JX10 that's supposed to fix compatibility issues. I don't think that it addresses the DSP choppiness or the echo. You'll find that the echo goes away when your turn down the volume of the headset which should confirm that the echo isn't being caused by the Treo's mic.
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