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    does anyone know of a good (preferably free) universal instant messaging program that i can use on the treo 700p?

    what are your experiences w/IM on a palm?
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    Search for verichat or causerie. There are plenty of threads on those two programs.
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    I don't know if its universal, but toccer is free.
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    Quote Originally Posted by noodle
    I don't know if its universal, but toccer is free.
    Toccer is AIM only (but free).

    Causerie and Verichat support AIM, Yahoo, MSN, and ICQ. Additionally, Causerie supports Jabber which is what Google Talk uses.

    These are both subscription services that require a yearly fee.
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    verichat is the best out there.

    and yes, it costs, but c'est la vie.
    It's worth it.
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    OK but to the OP's point, is TRILLIAN available?

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    Verichat is by far the best. I know there is a thread on issues with Verichat and the 700p.
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    Trillian itself is not available for the PalmOS. You could have figured this out by going to Trillian's website:

    VeriChat was the best, but its developers don't seem interested in further supporting it (ie. updating it to work properly with the 700P). Causerie seems to be the new rising star of the unified IM apps. for the Palm OS. Causerie's developers still have to iron out some bugs, but they're pretty close to releasing a 700P fully compatible version if they haven't already.

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