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    Hi there,
    I just sold my Treo 600 to buy a "new" Treo 650 (I'm in Switzerland so no choice for 700p )

    I was using dualdate a lot with my Treo 600 but I learnt that this apps doesn't work with the 650.

    Is there a replacement apps ? What are you using to sync calendars between 2 palms ? (Other is Z22).

    Thank for your advices!
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    I'm interested as well, been looking for a replacement for DualDate for the T650. I want to keep 2 calendars on 1 palm machine...

    But if you want to sync calendars between 2 palms, you might want to check ClearSync I think this is what you want.
    - Jeeman
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    I sync all my calendars & contacts from both Palm devices (iQue 3600 and Treo 650) to my PC/Outlook 2003. This keeps my PC and both Palm devices in sync for contacts and calendar items.
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    I'm afraid ClearSync, as JeeMan mentioned above, is your only option. Unfortunately, it's quite expensive.
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    One thing I'm using is Switchsync Ex to sync my Treo with both Outlook and the Palm Desktop. That may work. Maybe not, I've never played with the settings to get it to do something like that. There a trial period, so, that may work. If not, there are some other software that may help on that site. I think it's
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    dualdate was great, free and simple

    I can't use any outlook / palm desktop solutions because I have only linux installed on my computer...
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    You can use DateBk5 to do a similar function using Beam Category.
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    I use RecoX, which works quite well, but I'm not sure if it is still supported or sold anymore......
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    I bought the 650 yesterday and try dualdate. It seems to be working. What kind of issues appear at your side ?

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