sorry to bother again on this subject. I've successfully installed the Doc2go on my Treo 650 where GL is running.

viewing files is much easier now but I so far struggled to send out files that I have changed while viewing.

I haven't seen any option that allows to "attach" docs that are residing on my SD card and so far was only able to send this via Versmail over my G-mail account.

Any clue how to send via GL changed docs ?
(or will they automatically be uploaded)

Another issue while I'm here :-)

when forwarding e-mails I was so far not able to change the attached ones - is this due to our GL set up or standard. (I'd therefore always had to copy from the old into a new e-mail and made changes in there)

last - GL contacts and telephoning. Unfortunately the tels in our company e-mail and contacts database are often not in the appropriate format to directly use for phoning (e.g. country code missing or the optional 0 to is not adequatly in there. Is there a way to change the last dialed number ?
(e.g. if 001 (0) 211 xxxx can't I call up that no and delete the (0)?)

tx for any further help