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    In its 4.13 inch screen
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    Yeah? Well, my Treo 650 has 320 by . . . . never mind.
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    Does it have a phone in it? The Nokia website doesn't say.

    Doesn't look like it will fit nicely in your pocket.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zoti
    Does it have a phone in it? The Nokia website doesn't say.

    Doesn't look like it will fit nicely in your pocket.
    It's a nokia....doesn't it have a phone?
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    No phone built in, the new firmware allows use of VOIP services, but this is a basic internet device only. I was seriously looking at getting one to pair with my treo and eliminate the need for a laptop, but int he end, the lack of an SD slot (has only RS-MMC) and the fact that it was smaller than I thought it was steered me away.
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    i just got a nokia 770 today, and if you think your 650 is heavy, then you should try a nokia 770 it feels alot more heavy than a treo, but maybe thats just me, or the holding position, since you hold your nokia 770 with one hand, and possible 2 hands for the treo to use the keyboard. I never surfed much on my treo, possibly because i pay $1.5 prprpr. $MB$. says weight is 230gram with the cover and 185 without. Palm UK says 178 grams for a treo, so not much difference.

    The screen is physically aproxcimately 2x treo 650, and resolution is as you know, 800x480, but there are 3 very practical buttons in the side. One of them does full screen and removes the application window bar in the top and the dock in the left side. If you couple this with not having the address bar, then you get what appears like a good screen size for browsing. The other 2 buttons are zoom in and out. This makes viewing alot better than on the treo 650.

    But you'd have to have all your webpages bookmarked, because typing in the address is annyoing, since there are NO KEYBOARD sure you can pull up a virtual and tap on the screen, or possible connect one using bluetooth, but then you need a table.

    I have yet to have my nokia 770 to use bluetooth dialing to my treo 650, but maybe it is possible, i'll look up some more information, try some stuff.

    So all in all... i miss a keyboard alot, but the big screen is nice, and so are the fullscreen and zoom buttons.
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    Here is the link...
    Thank You,
    Chris Luce
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    Thank You,
    Chris Luce

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