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    I was in the VZW store this weekend looking at the 700p and the browsing was amazing compared to the 650 I have. The manager strolled over and started talking to me and he said that there was a rumor of an EVDO upgrade for the 650 coming. Is that even technically possible?

    Anybody else heard that?
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    Sure its easy to do just make sure you get the T650 label even when its stuck to the back of the new T700 when you upgrade yourself and tell the verizon manager wake up and smell the coffee
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    Wow, store managers seem to be getting more and more incompetent... I was looking for a home charger for my phone and the Cingular store didn't have it, I told them I would just buy one from the Sprint store, and the guy responded by telling me CDMA chargers are incompatible with GSM devices. They should make it a requirement that all employees are well-versed with at least the general hardware...

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    The manager you spoke to was clueless as the 650 lacks the necessary hardware for EVDO. However, would you ask the manager if they he knows of any software for my Nissan that will upgrade the engine from a 4 cylinder to a V8?
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    Can i get him to make my 2wheel drive into a 4wheel drive car and ask for that p4 processor upgrade for my T650 too.

    Can we get the store number and all call and ask for him?
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    I would like my mutt upgraded to a purebred. That will be easy compared to upgrading a 650 to evdo.
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