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    Hey all,

    Cingular customers all over California are getting letters asking them to upgrade their SIM cards to 64K cards. This possibly has to do with T-Mobile roaming agreements ending soon. Can anyone tell me if there is ANY difference in signal strength, call quality or clarity or anything else when using a Cingular Treo 650 with a 32K SIM vs. a 64K SIM??? Thanks for all replies!
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    Didn't make difference with signal strength, call quality or clarity from what I can tell.

    I believe it has info for more towers. So in theory you get better everything if: you are at a place where the new sim can connect and the old one couldn't.
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    My understanding is that Cingular wants to have you upgrade your SIM card so that you will have the benefit of the old AT&T towers which you wouldn't have access to with the old Cingular SIM.

    I believe it is to your benefit to make the swap.
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    Well over there on HoFo i find the the information from users inconclusive.

    If you have a 32K sim (as I do), I still have network SELECTION enabled. NEWER SIMS do not have this option (tho usually the phone's firmware is also re-written to disable this option from any SIM)

    I have not received ANY OTA's in a year or so... so updated tower information/network availabilty may be limited for me. Traveling across the US service has been good... but recently here in SoCal i've notived some strange behavior.

    I don't think I'll make the switch anytime soon unless my service completely dies... rumors were that som 64k 3g sims have network selection available... AND I THINK that GEMSTAR 64k sims caused problems for Treo's and some other phones (these were not 3g)

    I'd say keep an eye out on Howard Forums Cingular forums for cingular advice...

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