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    Has anyone known of an issue of Treo 650s overheating? I've had this problem a few times where the phone won't turn back on once I've turned it off. (I know it's not really off, it's just asleep, let's not get hung up on semantics) I pop the battery out and put it back in, and it starts up again, but when I turn it off, I can't turn it back on again.

    One pattern I realized is that it always seems to happen on hot days when the phone is in my pocket. Usually when I call Verizon tech support they have me do a hard reset. Tonight, however, I let it sit for a while (since Verizon stops giving tech support at 11pm) and after it cooled down I popped the battery out and now it seems to be working okay.

    I'm wondering if in the past it cooled down enough while I waited for tech support that it appeared that the hard reset worked.

    Any thoughts?
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    mine does this too.... but it's not really off, just the backlight is off. I find that as it gets warmer, it'll dim the backlight... if that doesn't make it happy, it'll turn it off altogether until it either cools off or I turn the bright up.

    so... the next time it looks like it's off, look at it under a light somewhere and see if you can see the screen on.
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    Mine heats up too now, and from what I can see, it is mainly the battery getting old and which causes an increased drain and charge rate. It's happened to both of my Treos at about a years usage. Other factors are environmental use conditions (i.e. temperature and moisture) and component contact oxidization.

    I turn my LCD down, bluetooth off, and anything else that isn't needed till it's needed, to help sustain the voltage levels.

    You might also try reconditioning your battery by draining it completely and freezing it overnight, charge it to full and immediately drain it as fast as you can, only to give it another freeze. I have experienced a modest 7-18% improvement. There are several factors that affect this of course. Like usage, charge/discharge rate/peak over lifetime, type of battery, etc...
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    Yes and there are bunches of reports about 3rd party batteries heating up. Ben
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    SearchNazi?? Search@$$... is more like it..

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    Now now, I never went as low as calling someone something like that...

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    And you don't think the Search for Dummies book cover isn't going too far? :P
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    Okay, okay, maybe that was a bit much, but I found it online and I just had to use it here!

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    Do you ever sleep??
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    I have a few BRAND NEW OEM Treo 650 batteries left. PM me if you'd like to get one. I've found out the hard way what it's like to be without a battery when mine went out on me a few months back. It's also good to have a fully charged backup battery. If anyone wants a brand new OEM cradle, I have one of them as well.

    I hope this helps.
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    Thought of the day :
    No sense being pessimistic, it probably wouldn't work anyway
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    Mine was doing the same thing. I went into the dealer store and one of the reps had a Treo, so I asked to borrow his to see if my battery was having a problem (it was during one of the times it was overheated). I stuck his battery in, it rebooted, and everythings been fine since with my same old battery back in it. I don't know what changing the battery temporarily would have done, but it did the trick.
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    I wonder if someone can help? My treo 650 all of a sudden became quite hot and then the battery drained away within 2-3 hours with very little use. I charged it again and it took many hours to charge it. When disconnected from power the Treo got quite hot again and again the battery drained away within 3-4 hours with no or minimal use. I changed the battery to a new Palm Treo battery. Again exactly the same problem of the unit overheating once disconnected from Power and the battery drains away within 2-4 hours. Can some one explains why and is there a solution. I might try the third battery but fear the same outcome. There must be some other hardware problem that I cannot sort out.

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