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    I have noticed that several times each day I have an unusual call a way that i have never experienced with other phones.

    It happens with plenty of signal (at least 2 bars) and I hear the person i called quite loud and clear. But the person does not hear me at all.

    Could this be a problem with my Treo or its setup???

    Could it be any of the software I loaded (volumecare??).

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    Only way to tell is:

    1. When Treo arrives, use it foir a week with no software.

    2. Use Uninstall Manmager to remove any programs installed since you noticed the problem.

    3. If ya didn't do 1 or 2, hard reset and start all over with a "virgin" device.
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    In volume care you can try turning the mic all the way up and see if that helps.

    You should also test your microphone with the built in voice memo app to be sure your mic is working.
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    maybe your cheek is hitting the screen muting your voice...
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    i use the phone with a wire headset.
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    my treo is outstanding as far as not loosing calls. the radio is very solid compared to all my other sprint devices. try another unit.
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    I have the same problem with my 700p. its not the mic its the coverage. I had nextel, verizon, then sprint. If u ever talked on a nextel you can tell when your signal is low or fading out. It sounds like the person has a robot voice. I fine it that sprint is no better than nextel. With nextel I was dropping more than 10 calls a day. I am still dropping a lot of call with sprint but not as many. I wish I VZW would drop there data plan soon because for the 2 months of service with my Vzw 700w I had about 2 dropped calls and faster evdo.
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    I had this issue too. The call would drop and say "signal faded, call dropped" or something like that. It also started to lock up when I hung up from a Sprint *2 call. Got a new one and everything is fine now. I think it is a hardware issue.

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