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    Ok, I work for a cell phone company doing tech support for data phones. At work Palm reps were there doing training and everybody got a free GSM treo 650. The problem is where our center is there is no GSM service providors. I want to turn my GSM phone into to CDMA phone so that i can use it. Is there any way to do this.

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    Nope, you can't turn your GSM phone into a CDMA one, for the same reason you can't turn a PC into a Mac. Incompatible technology. Chips, all that good stuff.

    The solution is to trade with someone or play the eBay game, convert y7our GSM 650 to cash, and buy the CDMA phone you need.

    Or you can go look at this thread and help Tim out.
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    Well It looks like tim is on GSM I pledge 15 bucks to get Tim piomegatau's GSM 650 Whos With ME!!??!!?

    But tims 600 is on its way.........Ow ya... I forgot
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    Yeah, Tim's a T-Mobile man. He needs that Treo 650. Maybe we should start up a wedding present fund for Tim. I'll match notjpr's $15.

    He can always resell the T600.
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    Thats an awesome idea,,,,Im in 15 bucks for tims wedding present Tim, can you PM us a paypal address?
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    PM me your email address so Mr. Paypal can visit.
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    Check your Private Messages.

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    Tim you've got cash congrats and good luck. I can vouch that married life is wonderful

    Happy Treo'ing

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