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    When I try to create a new contacts category on the 700p it crashes when I hit OK.

    It works fine if I create it on the desktop and hotsync. Changing categories works fine on records as well.

    I have a Sprint unit. Could others try and create a new category in the Contacts application?

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    I just created a category from within the Contacts app with no problem.
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    I had that problem on my old 650 the solution was to do a hard reset and import your contact task and memo ect
    call palm and have them walk you throug it
    remember tell them you want to move your back up folder to your dest top before you do anything cause sometimes the treo will still read from the back up folder even if you rename it to backupold ect
    I got my palm pre on day 1 Treo 755p with sprint
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandorr
    Could others try and create a new category in the Contacts application?
    Didn't crash on me.

    But there was a slightly weird thing: I tap "New", enter the new category name, tap "OK", then when it goes back to the "Edit Categories" page the new category doesn't show there, i.e. the screen doesn't refresh. But the category does get created, if you try to create it again it says it already exists. Also taping "OK" on the "Edit" screen going back to main contacts view and selecting "Edit Categories" again all the categories show up. I'd call that a minor bug since it can be easily worked around. But no crashes for me.


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