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    Yesterday I tried making a phone call but once the call connected nothing happened. All I heard was silence. The timer would start but I couldn't hear anything, not even that "hissing" filler noise. I tried everything. Incoming calls, outgoing calls, landline calls in and out, regular reset, soft reset, hard reset....nothing worked. I COULD send txt msgs no problem though. After the hard reset I tried making a call from the factory state, with no third party apps and I couldnt hear anything and no one heard me. No speakerphone either. Realplayer couldn't play any mp3's. Ringo DID play mp3's though. Today I tried making a call and everything was back to normal. Then I opened blazer to go onto yahoo to check email and a few other things and when I went to make a call after that, it happened again. It seems to happen after going online and after a few hours everything is back to normal. Anyone know whats wrong? I called sprint, they said go to a sprint store, I went there they said for $$ they'll try to repair it. I didn't drop the phone, it didn't get water damage. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Search for Headset jack. What is happening is your treo thinks there is a headset plugged into the jack. Get the headset that came w/ your Treo and plug it in then take it out. That might fix it for a short while. But I would take it back to the store to have it fixed as soon as possible.
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