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    A few quick questions...
    - Can I pair several phones to 1 Parrot (i.e. my wife and I switch cars -- will either of our phones work on the one unit) -- Yes, they both have bluetooth.

    - Will the Parrot store both of our 'favorites'? If so, will it only display those of the phone that is connected?

    - Where can I find an ISO harness for an '06 Honda Pilot?

    Thanks much!!
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    Just installed Parrot 3100's in both mine and my wife's car in the last 3 weeks. I couldn't be happier with it. The answer to the 1st question is yes, no problem. It will recognize the previously paired phone when you get in the car if you switch cars. 2nd question yes, I believe so, I think it resyncs when the phone comes in range and the favorites come over then. Remember, the favorites that it imports from the 700p and I believe 650 as well, are just the contacts that you have assigned as favorites, not all your contacts, although you can force them to install. I didn't have a need for that. Location for an ISO harness, I bought mine here and was very happy with the price and service from Howard -

    His price on the Parrot unit itself is very good too. I would recommend having it professionally installed. The harness makes it super simple to hookup, but you still have to be able to hide all the wires nicely. For $100 to install, it was well worth it.

    Lastly, check out the voice activation, works VERY well in my opinoion.

    Hope this helps.

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