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    I have read every thread on here and am still confused........

    Do we get Sprint TV content in the price or do we only enable access to the content and have to pay separately for the channels???

    I have Ultimate pkg yet am being bills for the channels....
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    You get a few channels (none of them interesting) for free.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KRamsauer
    You get a few channels (none of them interesting) for free.
    He's not kidding. Prepare to yawn.
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    The Ultimate PV plan is crap, imo. I downgraded to the unlimited access plan and use orb. Cheaper, and better!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rbharvey
    I have read every thread on here and am still confused........
    Wow... I think if I read every thread on here I'd be confused too.

    But to stay on topic... count me among the masses of the unimpressed with SprintTV.
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    9.99/month for mobitv package is the way to go eventhough sprinttv may offer additional content provided the "extra fees". (sprinttv powered by mobitv)
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    I can't really see anything worth much on sprint tv.

    Perhaps THAT's the reason for the convoluted tiers - they think you'll just take the top one because it gives you everything.

    I'm personally doing the $15 unlimited data tier - minus my $10 evdo credit - minus another $5 credit I managed to get! Now, if during football season they can get some good content flowing I might change.

    Does anyone know if fox news live is really what it claims? I could try at home but haven't yet.
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    Thanks for the replies, but we are missing my the point of my main question. Do we actually get any of the channels they list like Fox News, or do we only get access to them based on our tier and have to pay content charges to actually watch them???

    For example right now I have the ultimate pack for $25, yet I have to pay another 7.99 to actually watch the Sprint channel 50 programs (which are the channels listed in all of their promotion materials) ??????????
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    You should not have to pay any additional fee for the Unlimited Channel. I don't.
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    Its not unlimited channels . Thats the impresion. BUT you only get so many and if you want more it more cash. You want the live channels its $9.99 more a month. You want looney tunes. Another $4 or so. The Live package for $9.99 is probally the way to go. OR the Mobi TV package ( very similar to the Sprint Live)
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    Advertising for the Power Vision is definately misleading. You get a few more channels but any good content requires additional subscription. Sprints marketing seems to take great liberties in their marketing license. I can't believe they don't get taken to task more often by the FCC and/or state AG offices.
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    Right off the sprint powervision page:

    Welcome to channel surfing, 21st century style! Take your shows on the road with live TV from Sprint Power VisionSM. Enjoy your favorites from channels you know — right on your phone, whenever you want, at broadband–like speeds.
    Sprint Power VisionSM Access Pack
    Features ABC News Now streaming live news channel and SIRIUS Hits.
    Sprint Power VisionSM Plus Pack
    * Includes channels available in Power Vision Access Pack plus: NFL Network, Fox Sports
    * Fuse
    * Fashion TV
    Sprint Power VisionSM Ultimate Pack
    * All the great channels included with the Power Vision Plus Pack and: ESPN, Fox News Channel, NBC, The Weather Channel
    * Discovery Channel, Animal Planet
    * Toon World, Looney Tunes, Comedy Time, Music Choice.

    With the ultimate pack you should not have to pay extra for any of the channels listed.
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    I have the ultimate pack as well. it is chanel 50. chanel 50 has like 25 chanels in it. one being foxnew which is live. it has about a minute delay but isn't bad. I only pay $2.50 a month more than the bottom line evdo ulimited data pack.

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