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    Hi folks,
    I am a new Treo (600) user. I have a mac with an old version of entourage on (10.0). I wanted to sync my treo with entourage and started reading what I had to do. First of it appears I'd have to upgrade my Microsoft version. Also, it seems like there's quite a few problems with synching with entourage. What are the benefits of synching with entourage vs. simply using mac's i-cal and address book? Does the mail mac system allows you to integrate information the way entourage does (getting email address from yoru address book when writing an email . . .)? I guess I want to know from veterans if it's worth my while to go ahead and try to synch with entourage, since I don't use entourage now, I don't even know how great of a software it is . . .. I'm new to both world.
    thank you!
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    I think that you didn't get any replies to your question because others have discussed this before. If you upgrade to the latest version of Office for Mac you can sync easily with your treo. It syncs the email addresses and you can use them with your email program on the Treo. Get MissingSync if you want a better sync software. The latest version of Entourage syncs with iCal. If you want to go back to iCal later you can as all your information will be there also.
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    Hi Ana,

    I use microsoft office 2004. This is an upgrade version. I use this to primarily for the mircosoft word, excel, power point, and the email program. This will enable to share work with my colleague who use those program on Window PC.

    I synch my T650 with my entourage for the address, calendar, and task. It is a mean of back up as well as I am able to use the entourage in my mac to input those data and it would be easier to do it than the tiny thumboard in treo.
    Need WIFI, 3.5G, slim and light form factor for Treo to win me back from Samsung i600 !!!!!

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