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    The Unicheater is a utility that allows to boost or freeze any parameter in almost any Palm OS game, be it money, weapons, scores, resources, or anything else.

    The intellectual program algorythm scans memory for the parameters you want to affect and allows you to assign them any value, or freeze them (prohibit from modifying).

    The result is endless game resources! This is a revolutionary program that changes the whole Palm OS gaming.

    Unicheater was tested on Warfare Inc, Legacy, Bejeweled 2, Village Sim, Hellfire, Arvale: Journey of Illusion, Zuma, Medieval Heroes II, Realm Walker, Solskia, UFO: Legacy, Bzzz, Quest of The Hero II, and many more.
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    It's like gamegenie (or whatever that things was) that you plugged NES games into.
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    Yep.. I'm gonna have to try it on something like Little John, iRogue, Phoinix, etc..

    I haven't tried it yet, I imagine it could cause some serious crashing if you change the wrong values, but perhaps it can only search within the current programs allocations.

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