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    Okay, upfront, I'll admit that this is ridiculously anal.

    I've wound up with 2 refurbished units (1 from palm and 1 fromt sprint) due to a return of a new unit with stuck pixels 1 month after purchase. I have to send 1 unit back to palm.

    The screen on one unit is slightly offset to the right (I read the million 600 threads about them being offset to the left), with a slightly wider black edge on the left side than on the right.

    The other unit is centered perfectly within the case, but it LOOKS like it has bigger black bars all the way around, than the other unit. Is it possible that this screen is actually a touch smaller than the other one (how else to explain the larger black bars all the way around?)

    Is it possible that a manufacturing plant turned out screens that aren't a full 320 x 320, or am I totally insane?

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    Thanks for any help!
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    The screen should not be off center on the 650. I would send back the offset one. Resolution and screen size aren't necessarily related. In fact, it is better to have a smaller screen with a greater resolution. The pixel density will be greater, therefore presenting an image which looks crisper than a larger screen with the same resolution. Try viewing an image on your computer with a screen resolution of 800x600 and again with the highest resolution supported, you will see a noticeable difference.

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    Thanks for the help. Let me ask you this--I'm proposing that the actual screen sizes may be slightly off. The one that is centered appears to have more black around the edges than the other one. I ask myself where that extra black comes from (if the phone case is a standard size...) and it seems that if there's more black, there must be less screen. I assume that the resolutions are all the same (probably bad to assume anything), but is it possible that one is physically smaller than the other? Maybe a manufacturing defect?
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    I doubt it, when companies manufacture things like this, they buy the parts in really large bulks, so all of the screens are the same. If you think it might be dead pixels or something, try setting a 320x240 image as wallpaper for your phone application. If the picture is cut off at either the left or right side, then there is a problem with the screen.

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    Aahhh...that is a genius way to check. Actually, since I have both phones for tonight, I can put the same image on both and see if it's cut off on the one I "think" is smaller. If it's not, then they're the same!

    Is there a reason you suggested 320x240 rather than 32x320 for the test image?
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    The bar at the top and the favorites at the bottom will reduce the image to that size anyway, regardless of the number of favorites rows. It doesn't scale the image either.

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    And where are the mods when you have a topic titled with THAT word in it?

    C'mon. I thought there was a Mod Crackdown in progress here at TC!
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    Cool--thanks. I also have zlauncher, so I could look at a 320x320 background that way.

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