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    I have a Sprint 700p and I set a few anniversaries by editing contacts on my phone. When I open Palm Desktop, there is no anniversary field.

    I'm pretty sure I upgraded Palm Desktop to what was on the 700p CD from my old version. It currently says version 4.2

    Any ideas why I don't have an anniversary field on the desktop version?
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    It does appear that Palm didn't add that feature to the desktop. Seems odd that they would add it on the Treo and not the desktop. I am hoping that they will shortly release an update to the desktop that includes this.

    I wonder if this is something that Outlook supports and they added it to the Treo just for Outlook compatibility. (I don't use Outlook so I can't tell.)
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    It is supported by outlook, I saw another thread with Anniversary data synchronization problems on outlook while doing a search before posting this.

    That must be it.
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    Yep issue here w/ Outlook. It will sync from Treo, though not to it.
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    I am having the issue that when I add a contact (Call him Contact A) and add an anniversary to it, EVERY contact that I add after that (Contacts B through whatever) will get the SAME anniversary.

    What I keep having to do is open the contact (Contact B) right after I save it (only if Contact A had an anniversary added to it) and delete the anniversary and then all added contacts in the future will be ok... until I add an anniversary to someone because then the issue starts all over again.

    I get to these dates in my calendar and low and behold.... 45 people are celebrating their anniversary. Gee.. when did my little sister get married?!?!?! UHG.
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    I'm having the same problem (Treo 650 with VM 3.5). It's even worse: if I try to delete one of the "contact B" anniversaries, my Treo does o soft reset. Any ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabelFish View Post
    ...45 people are celebrating their anniversary. Gee...
    Actually, the programmer was married on Saturday, November 29, 1997. For him, it made sense to program the Treo this way. See his wedding announcement for details.
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    Did anyone ever find a solution for this? It's making me crazy, same problem with my 755p. I don't use outlook, although I do sync using companionlink.
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    There are some problems with the anniversary function. Fo rinstance, when I enter an anniversary for certain contacts, they show up in my calendar app as private. No idea why. The contact, itself, is not a private one.
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    Anyone hear of a fix for the anniversary bug??? I've got every single contact celebrating my wedding anniversary! The more the merrier, sure... but this is ridiculous.
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    It's also pretty annoying to me that anniversaries do not show up in the calendar app in Palm Desktop.
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    Anyone fix this problem yet?
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    yeah.. but the solution involves a trash can and your treo
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