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    While perhaps only peripherally related to our Treos, I wanted to pass on this interesting option.

    With P.I. Protector Mobility Suite loaded on a USB flash drive or other portable storage device (iPodŽ, portable MP3 player, mini hard drive, etc.) you can carry a powerful, compact and mobile solution that offers patent pending portable email (Outlook and Outlook Express), file synchronization, private Internet browsing, and a portable Internet capability that lets you transfer Internet settings between multiple PCs.

    P.I. Protector Mobility Suite is ideal if you travel or use more than one computer, and you want to carry your email, contacts, calendar, IE settings and files with you for "leave no trace" use on any Windows 2000 or XP system.

    # Portable Email - Outlook (including Exchange) and Outlook Express
    # Private IE Browsing
    # Portable Favorites, History, IE Settings
    # File Synchronization
    # Full version (non-trial) does not require administrative rights to execute on the PC

    The entire P.I. Protector Mobility Suite retails for just $20.00 (USD)! more
    I have inquired as to whether the Treos SD card as the location for all this info......that would make it pretty handy when traveling .... if thumb typing gets tedious, I can use the hotel's internet kiosks, client's PC's or whatever other puters become available.

    Just got my can use this on ya SD card w/ Treo eitehr by swapping SD card to da computer or by using Softick Card Export, CardReader or anythingt hat will make da Treo's SD card show up as a windows drive.
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