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    Hey guys. I just got an unlocked treo 650 and noticed this problem:

    When I make a call, instead of a ring I hear a beep. This happens about half the time. Some times the first sound will be a ring that gets cut off by a beep sound. Then instead of the ring I hear beeps. I have no idea if the other end is even getting the call. Any ideas whats causing this? I'm on t-mobile right now.

    Before this one I had a sprint treo 650 and never had this problem.

    Thanks for any help guys.
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    I thought this happened when the provider is oversubscribed and there isn't enough capacity to make a call. If it's happening half the time, though, that would be pretty bad!
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    I just tried calling 2 freinds of mine. Looks like even though I'm hearing a beep on my end. It still rings on their end. Weird, and annoying.
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    ok I noticed a trend. It rings normally when I'm calling another t-mobile phone or a land line. It does the beep thing whenever I try calling a non t-mobile cell phone. Anybody else have this problem?

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