I am hoping someone can explain a little bit about how memory usage works on my Treo 650. I have 512mb SD card and since I have used up almost all of my internal phone memory, I have started moving my 3rd party apps to the card. I also keep any mp3's and photos on the card as well. Last night I had moved enough stuff that I had about 9mb of internal memory free. I then went to do a sync and intalled two 100kb (approx.) programs and two 20kb pictures directly onto the SD card and nothing onto the internal memory. I went to bed and let my sync finish. When I woke up and looked at my phone, I only had about 500k left on the phone's internal memory! I checked and the new stuff was put onto the card and not the phone. Why would the internal memory be affected? Is it holding something in it's RAM somewhere? Well I have moved a few other programs to my card and now have about 4.5mb of free internal memory. When I install onto the card, everything is put into the palm launcher area because this was what it prompted me to do th first time and I always do that. Is there a problem with doing this that effects internal memory? Is there a different way that I should organize my card? Also yesterday, I moved a program with a database to the card and the program started a new database and wiped out all of my data-why woudl it do this?

Thanks for your help.