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    * offering you free SMSs when you sign up, when you refer your friends to us and when you sign up for free with other services!

    Send spoofed SMSs :

    * Yes, we know smile.gif. We know that you will trick your friends and colleagues. We even help you to do that!

    * You may send messages with any sender number or ID you want!

    Notice : Dont Forget to Check country codes in the Site to know how to write you mobile Number format

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    "A man who drinks only water, has something to hide to his fellow man."

    My beer blogs:

    Rev. Rhino on Flickr

    Rev. Rhino on Twitter
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    I'm guessing so
    Sprint 650 --> Sprint 700p
    Agendus Pro/Mail, BackupMan, Diddlebug, Dir Asst, GroupTextMessaging, HandyShopper, LightwavPro, LudusP, MobileClock, palmPDF, PDANet, pTunes, Splash ID/Shopper, TCPMP, volumeCare, ZLauncher

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