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    I justposted mine on ebay Click here to see just wondering what the going price is
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    I sold my 650 2 weeks ago on EBAY for $240
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    I have to figure your Treo600 is now worth half the 650, and that is depending on what it looks like. Especially as I bought my 600 w/o enough research in December and did not realize that a Data Call will not drop when a phone call comes in. (Man, that sucks).

    I got a 600 that is probably worth about 25 bucks! This thing has been through the ringer, but man, it is still ticking, barely I think (or, I keep hoping barely)
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    According to an ebay search on completed sales, you can expect anywhere from $85 to $162. You may find ones that sold for more, but I only looked through the first page of search results.

    Do a search on ebay for "Treo 600" and when the results come up, click "Cell Phones Only" on the left. On the following page, check the "Completed Items" box on the left and do a search. It will make you log in and will then show you the results of completed sales.
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